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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ozm8, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Plugin name: Message
    What I want it to do: well I want a plugin that can message players via console without it saying stuff like [console]: hello instead it will just say something like "Hello" to the player without any prefix or names. also i would like it to have color codes support.

    Commands: /mmsg

    Permissions: none just does via console

    When I'd like it by: tomorrow
  2. ok, ill make this now. Would you like players to be able to use the command??

    ok i got the plugin made up here, only thing is is that idk what color u want the MSG to be... please use more info in your next post, especially if your not planning on responding soon.

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    well I'd like to be able to use any color for example if i do /mmsg &BHello

    it would say Hello in aqua color
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    @DoggyCode™ Why would you make him the exact same plugin as the guy made above? That's a huge waste of your time.
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    Eh, I would do the exact one just for practice. I'm still learning the boolean string. Like remembering it. I can code really good but I have to refer to the boolean sometimes. Also I would do it just for the fun of coding. Just my opinion
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