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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Eddie Diller, Mar 29, 2011.

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    Eddie Diller

    Hello fellow minecrafters.
    So... Ive gotten sick of the default /give command which takes forever to use.
    I was wondering if any1 knew of a very simple plugin that spawns items to your inventory That doesn't take forever to use. A.K.A. you don't need to type /give (user) (item) (amount). Ive tried OddGive but there are just too many errors, it's really messed up. Thanks.
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    well, if you got essentials,
    you can set default give amount and you dont need a name.

    e.g. /i 5

    and there you go, a stack of planks.
    it might be easier to use, at least it is for me as i know most of the IDs by mind.
    but maybe another plugin suits your needs, maybe try "moar" :)
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    Eddie Diller

    Essentials seems nice. But Is it permissions compatible?
  4. Essentials is permissions compatible, but it's kinda big for something simple. I prefer CommandBook by far, you can customize it too.
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