[Simple] Custom Spawn Prison Mine Plugin

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by SpiderLincoln, May 16, 2015.

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    Plugin category: Prison

    Suggested name: PMines

    What I want: Is just a simple plugin like MineResetLite (MRL) But It resets the mine one layer at a time. And when the reseting reaches you, you get teleported away. You do a simple command do set where you want the players teleported too.
    Ideas for commands:
    /pm setspawn

    Sets where the players get spawned too.

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible

    If you could make it as a add on to MRL that would be wonderful! But if not could you make the whole plugin?
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    @bwfcwalshy Do they have one? I Looked over and over in commands/permissions and there was none.

    ( MRL spawns players on top of the Mine I want it for me to choose where ever I want them to spawn )
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