Simple block protection with resource gathering

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    Hello everyone,

    I know it's probably not best to have my first post as a request but I hope that will be okay. I've been looking around at some block protection plugins but I'm having difficulty finding one that will allow my players to still gather resources and build on top of a set world.

    I will be using this for a PvP server on a customized map with a lot of exposed minerals, and tunnels that the players can explore, but should be encouraged to build small shelters to hide in at night (still going to have monsters). The idea is that this plugin will be used at the spawn point of my PvP server. The players should wander around, gather some materials, without destroying whatever it is permanently (a giant tree for example), and find a cave or tree to hide in at night. Once they've built a little shelter they would get weapons, armor, etc, and head out to hunt for other players. This will be the main area/world for battles. When the players get bored they can head to a new world and play Minecraft as it normally is, while still being able to return if they wish.

    Short Version: I am requesting a plugin where the players should still be able to gather and build, but not destroy the original map. If it could be world specific that would be amazing (as it will be used as the first spawn area for a PvP server with multiple worlds).

    P.S. I'll be using the epic rainforest map that was released a few days ago on the MC forums.
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    How do you gather and build without destroying blocks?
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