Simple and Needed, Gamemode Based Permissions!!!

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    Gamemode Permissions

    Suggested name: Gamemode Permissions (Or something more creative)

    Plugin category: Admin Tools, Mechanics

    The Idea: There are many ways to manage inventories and set them apart. Such as GameMode Inventories. Those things are helpful but there are some bugs and ways around. Such as the many shop plugins. There is much need to be able to give a group a perm based on what gamemode they are in. This would help greatly with creative mode and quests alike. Why try to patch a shop thats allowing spawned items when you can just remove the perm to use it for that group in the creative gamemode.

    How it would work: In the config you can add/subtract permissions to a perm group based on what gamemode the players in (adventure or creative and may be survival? but idk why...). Compatibility with vault is needed. A global option would be cool but not needed.

    Ideas for commands: Maybe just /gmp reload

    When I'd like it by: Next tuesday.

    note: You can post it to the dev bukkit if you would like. I don't need credit unless you just want to. :)

    note2: I am going to tag @eccentricnz incase he would like to do it. He is the gamemode boss :p lol. Edit: Nevermind tag didn't work just messaged him
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    Making a brand new permissions plugin is not simple. It would take a while and you probably couldn't get it by Tuesday.

    Essentials GroupManager is what you might need. You can have per world permissions and let certain worlds have the same permissions. So if you had two creative worlds, you could share the permissions between them, but the permissions would be different in the worlds that are survival, or other gamemodes.
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    I am looking to keep anyone in creative mode from spawning items in any world. I am also not wanting a new perms plugin. Just a addon that hooks into vault and removes/adds perms to a already existing group for the different gamemodes.
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