Silverfish Swarm(BroodMother)

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    Plugin category: RolePlay

    Suggested name: BroodMother

    What I want: This might take a while to explain, but my idea is kinda' based off of the brood mother in Dwarves VS Zombies. It is also based a little off of the invasive species of Zurg in StarCraft. so my idea was that if you got killed by a silverfish, then you get placed in a random cave nearby, in a chrysalis filled with water. You wouldn't drown, and after 5 minutes (this is where disguise craft comes in) you emerge as a silverfish. As a silverfish, you can use a stick to lay eggs in nearby stone blocks, and hatch them. But before you can do that, you need to setup a brood hive (/Brood set hive). when you setup a hive, nearby blocks turn into nether rack, and you could only do it under a certain y coordinate. Once the hive is set up, a few silverfish will start moving around in the hive.
    After the hive is done, you can go and lay eggs in stone and turn them into silverfish. But it would be useless to do this underground because the silverfish would go into other blocks. This function would be used for invading other players houses. If you or silverfish you spawn kill the player, they are put into a chrysalis inside the hive. The chrysalises are unbreakable, and after the person becomes a silverfish, they are added to the brood as a queen silverfish, and the nether rack spreads a little more, and more silverfish will spawn inside the hive. you can have a max of three queens (configurable). If all queens and the brood mother die, the hive disappears. If the brood mother dies, the queen that came first becomes the brood mother.
    -Limit to eggs at a time
    -Ability to command armies of silverfish at a time
    -Hive chat between broodmother, and queens
    -Ability to chrysalise animals

    Ideas for commands: /brood set hive (name)

    Ideas for permissions: I'm not good with these things

    When I'd like it by: anytime

    I know it sounds complicated and it's fine if some aspects have to be taken out

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    Just saying, the hive will be extremely hard to make, and armies of silverfish would be really OP... and why do you become a silverfish? why not an infester that spawns zombies that live for 1 minute?

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