Silk Touch Spawn-Egg Harvest

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    Nick Hooper

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    Spawn Eggs with a Silk Touch

    What I want:
    I have been thinking of a legit way to obtain spawn eggs but MobCatcher didn't really seem real enough, This is a very interesting feature but i just didn't like the Pokemon like era. I have been using SilkSpawners which allows spawners to drop when broken with the optional requirment of the "Silk Touch" enchantment. I thought it would be cool if you killed a mob with a certain enchanted weapon such as "Silk Touch" and that mob would have a configurable percentage chance to drop it's spawn egg. I believe the "Silk Touch" Enchantment can only be legitimately enchanted on an Axe, Shovel, or a Pickaxe. My server has mcMMO and no one really uses their "Axe" skill which is used against mobs and players. A plugin such as this i have described would be another legit seeming way (other than MobCatcher) to obtain spawn eggs and also increase the use of the use of skills such as "Axes" for mcMMO.​

    Ideas for commands:

    Ideas for permissions:

    Ideas for Configurations:
    Enchantment: "SILK_TOUCH"​
    EggDropPercentage: "1%"​

    When I'd like it by:
    Bukkit has time machines now right? Probably around... 10 days ago sounds good :D
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    From what I can understand... You want a plugin that when a mob is killed by a player wielding an Axe; with a config option for silk-touch requirement, to drop a spawn egg of that mob.
    If I'm right then I can start work on it.
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    Nick Hooper

    It doesn't have to be for just an axe, it can be for any tool or weapon.

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