Sign on Chest (or furnace, crafting table)

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    I'm looking for a mod to do exactly as it says in the title. There was one that used to work (signthatchest) but it doesn't seem to anymore. Are there any others? Is this hard to do?
    He did leave the <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
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    this would be a block listener right? im good at block listeners
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    I can do this :)
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    May be useful, I'd possibly use it, great for marking people's chests.
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    I would make this plugin. Give me a bit of time and I should be able to get it done soon... expect another post from me.
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    Thanks for the replies. Great to see that it might actually get done!
    I was planning on using it to mark whats inside a chest.
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    It is going along nicely! I might add a few features along the way too... to make life easier for you if you would like it to mark the contents of a chest or whatever (add something in the code to make this an optional feature). But for now, I think I will simply get this working with #1317 and re-post it onto the forums giving the original creator all of the credit.
    The main problem was the code was quite a bit obsolete from the current bukkit version, or any after 1000 for that matter. I had to change a few classes to fix this. Otherwise, it should work.


    If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask on the plugin forum, or here if you wish!

    I added some new feaures to sign placement. Todo: make a 'list' sign to view the contents of a chest.

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