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    The following is a plugin that makes my build server what it is. I would very much like it to be moved to Bukkit since Hey0 isnt going to be releasing anymore updates in the future. This is the main plugin that all of my members use and want me to continue running; and I myself would love to continue using this plugin

    So if anyone can help me or verify that this plugin might be worked on and moved to bukkit I would be very thankful, I appreciate everything!

    Plugin Link:

    Plugin Description:

    [MISC] SignDispenser v1.6.0 [132+] Now supporting Updatr!
    This is a very small mod that I decided to make after getting constant questions on what item IDs were what item, and how to give them etc. All this mod does is allow you to make Sign dispensers with an item id and an amount, and each time the sign is right clicked, it will give said item in said amount to the player. Very simple but I love it to bits.

    Sign formatting goes like this:
    line 1: Item ID
    line 2: 20
    line 3: Amount
    line 4: 64

    This example would give 64 glass blocks and would show up as
    line1: Right Click:
    line2: Glass
    line3: Amount:
    line4: 64

    If lines 3 and 4 are blank it will simply give one of whatever item. It is not case sensitive. If there are any bugs please tell me, as I am just starting out writing hMod plugins and would love any input. Also, any advise would be appreciated.

    To Install:
    Download SignDispenser.jar and place it in your /bin/plugins/ folder in your server. Then open in an editor and change the line that says:





    To use the new properties file edit it to contain the groups you want to do each action.


    creategroups=admins, mods
    destroygroups=admins, mods

    if "all" is added than anyone can do said action. Also note the useitemnames, which sets whether or not to use the item name (Shortened to fit in 15chars or less) or to just use the item numbers. Doesn't change any of the set up, only makes it a bit easier for people that don't know the itemIDs by heart.

    Next you have to make yourself an admin (in case you are not already, which I highly doubt, but just in case). Open up users.txt and add your ign like this:



    ***Please Note***
    The new version has users right click the sign instead of left click, this way when you try to destroy a sign you don't get spammed with items. Also to change your existing sign to the new format just left click it once.
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    bump? o.0
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    Author of that plugin here. Sorry about that, I have a semi ported version of it right now that I can release but it doesn't monitor who places a sign as I can't seem to get that working right now :S I'll upload what I have now and post a link here.

    Here ya go

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