[Show and Tell] Graph of Bukkit Server Load Over 4 Days

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by LugnutsK, Jul 12, 2014.

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    No major questions here, but I made a graph of my Bukkit server's load over 4 days, and it looks pretty interesting. If anyone knows what causes the large spikes/changes in the patterns, that would be cool to know.


    There appears to have been some sort of memory leak from 10jul 8pm to 11jul 8pm, but it seems to have resolved itself. A lot of the spikes/changes in usage align, and I'm curious what causes these changes.

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    What is along the Y axis and what did you make this graph with, very interesting.:) Some cool spikes, maybe players running around? restarts would explain the drops, very cool!
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    You've got 6 unlabeled curves on there. WTF do they represent?
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    Bobcat00: The labels are in the top right. (From top to bottom in the graph: Mem. Max, Mem Allocated, Mem Used, Threads, CPU%, Players)
    aidan573: The Y axis is just a log scale with numbers, I couldn't really find a better way without splitting up the graph.
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