Should I wait for 1.8 bukkit or just get a 1.7.9 server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by gamerongames, Aug 25, 2014.


Should I wait for 1.8 bukkit to make a server or make a 1.7.9 server?

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    Should I wait for 1.8 bukkit or do 1.7 server?
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    In my opinion you should build yourself a nice spawn map and once you're done, check if the situation changed.
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    Just make a 1.7.9 server. Transferring from version to version is generally fairly simple.
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    I'd go for 1.7.9 and update it when necessary
  5. It depends on how much the bukkit API will change, if you only plan on installing plugins like, world edit/guard, essentials, factions, and other popular plugins, you should be fine to start at 1.7.9, but there is a chance that 1.7.9 plugins that don't work on 1.8 wont be updated to 1.8. But the big plugins usually update, and besides, its not like removing a plugin is going to corrupt your world
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    Not this time around.. Don't you know dinnerbone is pretty much redoing bukkit from the ground up..?
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    CrystalxNeth No, you dont know it, since he didnt say so.
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    You must of misunderstood. The user is asking Dinnerbone why build a new API (For the official mod API) when you can use Bukkit's API. Dinnerbone replies with Bukkit is not good enough and he knows since he wrote it.
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    CrystalxNeth no, he is not rebuilding bukkit. He is making the mojang API.
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    Necrodoom Which means a whole new API which is why this user should wait until 1.8 because 1.7.9 will most likely be completely different rendering all of this guy's work useless eventually
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    CrystalxNeth bukkit =/= new mojang API.

    You know nothing about how bukkit 1.8 will turn out.
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    Necrodoom Based on these last few months with Mojang I have a pretty good idea..
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    CrystalxNeth no, you don't. You speculate, and you assume. You don't know how bukkit 1.8 will turn up as, at all.
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