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    Plugin category: Fun, Economy, Role Playing

    Suggested name: ShopNPC

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that can either hook into Citizen2 or create a new Villager NPC shop keeper. The purpose of this plugin is to add a realistic "shopping" Experience. The shops would configure to open a GUI screen of items for sale. Each item has a "InStock" variable. This means how many are in the shop. If Its a admin shop, the admin can set the restocking period! (IE: every day, one week, etc) Players can also place orders on specific items, these items can be configured to only be available on order.

    IF its a player shop and Item is set only for order, half of price will be take for the item, and the player who owns the shopkeeper will receive the order. If the order is not filled withing configured time, money will be returned to the player.

    IF its a admin shop and a configured item is set to order only, then there will be a "Delivery" time. After configured time is up, the player can pick up there items form any admin shop, or if the plugin is set up with a mail box plugin have the item delivered to the player's mailbox.
    IF the item in the shop is set to both stock, and order, but the shop is out of stock, player can order it.

    These NPC could also be configured to have a paycheck. meaning players pay there npc to keep there shop opened. The size of shop could also effect the price to keep a npc working for you.

    Ideas for commands:
    *note: if this is hooked into citizens, then commands could change to accommodate that.

    /shopnpc create [name] [size] (optional tag: admin) "Creates a NPC shopkeeper"

    /shopnpc add items "open a chest GUI of the shop for you to move items from inventory"

    /shopnpc tagitems [Order/Both/Restock/Stock] (data tag, IE: time, restock amount) "Opens the Shop GUI, what ever you click will add the tag."

    Ideas for permissions:
    shopnpc.create.size.[size] "defines the size limit of a shop a player can have"
    shopnpc.create.[amount] "defines how many open shops a player can have"
    shopnpc.order "lets a player have a shop with orders "sets how many open orders a player can have"
    shopnpc.orderlimit.sell "sets how many a orders a single players shop can have"

    (optional permissions)
    shopnpc.expedite.[number] "expedite any admin shop times. IE: deliver time is 10 min. shopnpc.expedite.100 will give the player with that perm 100% expedited shipping, in this case instantly.)

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible

    Just thought about this, maybe even have admin shopkeeper disappear and have a stats sign show up saying "Out for Deliveries" when the restock time hits. So lets say the npc is set to stay open till 12:00 then its suppose to go and restock.
    The restocking period could be set to take 10 min. so the shop is closed for 10 min.

    Also thought about this. Having the plugin hook into phatloot. or being able to set random or, styled shops.
    So a "miner admin shop" would carry ores, tools for mining etc. but every restocking period the shop would have something different. This could be based off a configuration or value file that it can base prices off of.

    So if the plugin was compatible with phatloot. And the random loot after a restock period is 400 stone, 100 diamonds, and 5 pickaxes. It would take those items and search in the value configuration and label them with the value. Depending on the quantity of the item the price range could vary. So 1 diamond is valued at $100 so naturally 100 diamonds would = $10,000, but lets say there is a equation like (Quantity>=50) / 2 set to the item so now the diamond would be valued at $50 till the quantity drops below 50. Or if the admin does not want to mess with this just slap a range value on it so like diamond = (100 ~ 250) randomly selecting a value between the 2.

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    Is this configurable? And if so can someone take the project?

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    What do you mean by 'configurable'? And don't be pushy.
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    I mean is it possible to program this plugin? and I dont mean to come off pushy, just asking.
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    Yes it's possible. If you posted in this forums section we all know you want someone to code it. You don't need to ask everyone again if anyone will take it on.
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    You can use Command NPC and ChestCommands for a shopGUI with NPC.
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    The GUI is not a problem. Citizens supports a GUI shop interface. The main feature I am looking for is a "Traveling" NPC Shop. The npc would have a random selection of items and would only appear at certain times. They would also have a stock amount too. So once the traveling npc is out of stock of all items. He leaves. And comes back with a new random set of items the next time.
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    @MoejoeAw44 Thats not what im looking for. In this case a Admin shop is infinite, The plugin idea I had makes a simulated "traveling npc shop". The items the npc has is limited for the set time. then he leaves and comes back with either the same stock, or another set of item. These items never run out in the long run but the npc can run out of stock till he leaves and comes back with more. This is all a automated system.
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    Somethings are possible, and may not. Not everything you want is possible dude.. I think you should use Shopkeeper.
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    @DemKazoo All I am looking for Is a Plugin that allows the shopNpc to Leave and come back in set times, and have a stock limit during the time hes present. After The stock is out they leave.
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    You could get VillagerShop, or you could hook Quick Sell into CommandNPC
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    @ajisfree How you said it there, sounds really easy, doesn't it? But thats actually pretty hard to do, it takes lots of times, and the way YOU want it makes it even more harder for the coder, nor, if you really talk like that thinking it's easy and done in a hour, go make it yourself? I've told you some things are possible, but also impossible. The thing you want is possible, ofcourse. But not in many coders their joy to create it for you, since they maybe have other things to do then coding this plugin for you which doesn't bring anything good to them unless some time wasting.
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    Hmm. You dont have to post that you dont want to do it. And you don't have to be so rude about it either. Also genius, if I did know how to code... dont you think I would have coded it by know? This is a forum that states Bukkit Plugin Requests, is it not? And besides that how can you talk for all coders, coding is what they do. And if any coder is looking in the Bukkit plugin request section, then according to what you said they like wasting time, or maybe they are just looking for some fresh ideas to code. There are more complex ideas that get posted, and more plugins that are complex that get developed. I had already stated I was really only looking for a plugin that had a traveling shopkeeper. One that appears with random loot for a set time then leaves if hes out of stock, or the time time limit is reached. I dont think thats next to hard nor that close to impossible.
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    I like the idea, hope that someone makes it.
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