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    I want to use wooden sword as shield.

    1. Wooden Sword should completly remove damage.
    2. Wooden Sword should lost durability when blocking hit.
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    I will work on this. I will start tonight (it's midnight here) and I will try to finish this tomorrow. Would you like a config with the option to use other items or blocks?
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    Could be nice :p
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    You should make it so while holding the right click it shields and then you can still use the sword.
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    Proably impossible to do from texturepack side.
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    Byamarro Why would you need a texturepack? All you need to do is make it instead of being a "shield" you are defending yourself like real sword fights.
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    It's because it's mainly for defend You from arrows.
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    If you want. I will make it so that the sword still does damage, but right clicking will block all damage.
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    Love to see this once it is finished.
    Will you make it configurable so that any item can be the chosen shield?
    Also, will this be a public plugin?:D
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    Hey, sorry to bother you, since you know how to make plugins, would you be interested in being my server's plugin maker? I use VeryGames, and I'd pay you a server every month and I'd give you "Developer" if you help out :b

    Thank you for your time


    Plugins I requested, for now...


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    Any progress?

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