[SEVERE] Reached end of stream for "IP"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by LaughNgamez, Jul 2, 2013.

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    I get errors like these;
    12:09:22 AM CONSOLE: [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /
    12:09:22 AM CONSOLE: [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for /

    in 1.6 #2795, not many other problems though, everything is fine, just the spam.
    Now if only they fixed the sprint...
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    probably players trying to connect with incorrect minecraft version, not 100% sure , btw i would star out those ips...
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    I'm getting this as well, but it's most likely what progenocide has stated.
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    yes, i can confirm that now. Any news on a fix?
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    Not so sure if there's a fix for it, I would just ignore for it now, since it's just the early stages of 1.6.1 and those are one of the things you'd expect when players try to connect with outdated versions vs. your server version.
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    The server I use has been doing the same. I recognize it's doing it with my IP. Both my client and my server are on the same version, so it's not outdated clients. It's only the clients pinging the server.
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    Sorry for the slight necrobump, but I'm having this problem. On the server list it simply says "Polling", but when you try to connect you get to Logging In before a connection error. I've tried with both 1.5.2 and 1.6.1 client side.

    Any help would be appreciated D:
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    I've found out what this is, I have it on my server as well. I found out this is a bunch of different connections pinging your server. I changed the port of my server and it stopped. I assume this would stop if you change the port/ip of your server. Not sure how to stop it any other way.

    This is sort of a DDoS attack in a way, you have multiple connections pinging your server until it crashes and stops for a little bit then comes back on.

    I WAS WRONG! In a way. This isn't a DoS attack, but it still is pinging your server

    I tracked one of the IP's from my server:

    This is what it says in the site:

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    I get zillions of these errors.

    Before 1.6 it said something like [INFO] IP lost connection or disconnected. It was not an error.

    Now, it says [SEVERE] Reached end of stream for IP.
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    It's a new bug feature of 1.6.x, when anybody goes to the multiplayer server screen or hits refresh. Don't worry about it.
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    Steven Stanton

    You my think this is nothing to worry about, but my server is crashing from this and it's making me very, very angry. Someone please find a fix and post it, I (and probably others) would be very grateful.
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    I highly doubt your server is crashing from the "end of stream" issue. I suggest you start your own thread and post the error logs.
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    This Happens for me to its only on for 1.6 and this is a Ping.
    I really was this fixed because if someone just refreshes there server list then goes to your server it will Ping then it comes up [SEVERE] End of stream /[IP]
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    Yes, it's annoying, but it's harmless.
  15. It's not eve players trying to ping or anything. I'm getting it on an offline/lan server and I get a set of random IPs reaching end of stream. IPs that don't exist on my Lan network, and the network is NOT connected to the internet.

    The annoying part of it is , that it makes the Log file oversized.
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