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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by RECKLESS_Kiwi, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I am trying to make a fun well set up minecraft server but i want one that will make me some money and will give me lots of people if you now of a type of server like pvp a multiserver a faction a skyblock etc. leave in the comments below
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    The majority of servers do not make money. I don't know why other's run servers but I do it because I enjoy gaming and gaming communities. If you want to make money go mow some lawns or something. If you really want to try to make some money via a Minecraft server I suggest you work on your grammar as well. I won't be hitting that "donate" button if it's preceded by a message as well written as your post.
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    Haha yep. Although some servers do make quite a bit of money, (I know a guy who made a whopping $2700) they certainly didn't make that money by mooching off the ideas of others ^_^

    If you want to have a respectable, great, ingenious server, it's content needs to be unique and owned by you.
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    Pixel art porn.
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    Don't make a server for the money, that's how.
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    My monthly operating expenses are around $260. My monthly donations are usually $150 or less. I don't suggest doing this for the money.
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