Setting up permissionsEx, great need of help!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by lollan55, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Hey, so I am really in a great need of help. So basically, I just created a new server. And I really need someone to create a permissions.yml file for PermissionsEx for me. I'm in a great need of some that can do so. So this is basically what I want the permissions.yml file to do:

    Default users can not execute any commands, only chat and join a faction (they shouldn't be able to create factions or anything like that). They can not interact with objects, only opening doors and such. They can not place blocks, nor destroy them as I mentioned. And then I want an admin group that has acess to most of the important commands, but not commands like changing important settings. Or shutting down the server, restarting the server or anything like that. All of the permissions should be set to the group "owner".

    Thank you very much, and if someone creates a permissions.yml file like this I can make them admin on my server, if they want to.

    Again, thank you very much!
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    Add me on skype and we can sort something out,
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