Setting up a new Server HELP!!!! please

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by davisjack, Apr 26, 2011.

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    @Plague dude you were telling me to stop before i even tried setting my server, ive actually tried solo trying to do things with my server and ive had no luck so from experience i wanted to quit not some annoying bukkit staff guy :D
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    I was telling you because of your lack of computer experience it was obvious that you will fail. I know it didn't seem that way to you on the start, but I've seen this many times, so I was talking from experience.
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    hey i would love the help but i have google chrome and im haveing the same problem also it seems to be happening where even know my friend is connected to my hamachi he cant join the server it always says :"timed out" please help

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  4. where did you download minecraft_server?
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    i downloaded it straight off of
  6. and theres your problem. you have to download CRAFTBUKKIT. this is a forum for BUKKIT.
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    well i was just seeing if there was a way to do it!... so should i delet the xisting server and retry all together?
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