Setting the Light Level of a Block

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by dv90, May 1, 2011.

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    I've noticed that there's a Block.getLightLevel() function, but no setLightLevel(). I did some looking around and found that there used to be a way to set the light level with CraftBukkit like so:

    ((CraftWorld)block.getWorld()).getHandle().b(EnumSkyBlock.BLOCK, x, y, z, lightLevel);
    However, this doesn't seem to work anymore. Has anybody found another way to accomplish this and are there any plans for implementing such a function in the Bukkit API?
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    Shameless self bump. :I
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    Check my thread here (it deals with : How to make player seeing better at night).
    If you get sample code, please share ;)
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    Hm. Ideally I would like to stay away from having to send additional packets however if I can't find another way, I might have to resort to something related to what that thread is dealing with. If I have any luck, I'll gladly post it here.
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    How you had do it?
    Do you finished it?
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    Lighting is calculated by the client, thus there's no way to change it from the server.
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    ...Some Plugins before this done it from Server with this:
    ((CraftWorld)world).getHandle().a(EnumSkyBlock.BLOCK, x, y, z, lightLevel);

    And you want to tell me "Lighting is calculated by the client, thus there's no way to change it from the server."?

    But I had found something interesting... Its not working in the first try... But if I rejoin there is the lighting... Why?
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    Did you call the update method? not sure if this with what you need but worth a try
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    Because lighting is calculated by the client ;)

    I have used this in the past, but it broke with 1.8.1. There is no nice way to do it without a client mod.
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    Naaahhh... That ****...
    So I close a Project...
    But thx for help guys...
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