setting max stack size?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by -_Husky_-, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Alright. my aim is to make enderpearls take 1 whole inventory space.
    is there a "simple" way i can do this?
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    Yes, there is.
    1. Field field=net.minecraft.server.Item.class.getDeclaredField("maxStackSize");
    2. field.setAccessible(true);
    3. field.setInt(net.minecraft.server.Item.ENDER_PEARL, 1);
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    2. Cheers mate
    4. Hang on, how will this work with bukkit
    5. [USER=21175]bleachisback[/USER]
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    It works perfectly with (Craft)Bukkit, in fact this only works with CraftBukkit since maxStackSize is unobfuscated (assuming bleachisback is correct about the name).
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    Yes, that's one of the unobfuscated fields in craftbukkit
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    You can create this functionality without setting the maxStackSize with clever usage of the new inventory events.
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    Does anyone know how to do this for blocks (id < 256), as opposed to items? They're in net.minecraft.server.Block instead of net.minecraft.server.Item but Block doesn't have a maxStackSize field (and there is net.minecraft.server.ItemBlock extends Item, how does that fit in?)

    edit: nevermind, I see there is a byId array to lookup block items, instead of referencing the items in the class itself. This works for any id:

    maxStackSizeField.setInt(net.minecraft.server.Item.byId[material.getId()], 1);
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