.setTarget no longer seems to want to work anymore

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by icomeinpieces, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I used to take a chicken entity and assign a player as it's target like so.

    Chicken chicken; <-- assume it was assigned with an actual Chicken object
    Player player; <-- assume it was assigned with an actual Player object

    somewhere before the new release system when CB was at version 1000, i was able to do the above code and the chickens would follow relentlessly (the expected result), however it does not seem to do anything anymore in the 1.2.5 version of CB. is there something i'm missing that has changed since the old versions?
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    i posted this problem a long time ago, is no one else having this issue?
    anyone with any information, please help me.
    thanks in advance for any information.
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    i remember having this same issue before too.

    I think it was an issue with bukkit at the time, though if it hasnt been fixed, then its still a problem with bukkit.

    (i think)
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    I have not used bukkit since it was in 1.2.5 r1 perhaps it has been fixed, i'm testing it now actually. thanks anyways.
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