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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Hugo mass, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Hugo mass

    Hi. My server was grified by 2 people this night. They came around 2pm and connect with my nickname ( server is offline mode because some people have not bought the game) and they spawn tnt and detroyed my server.

    What I look for is a simple password plugin to give op right. For exemple I'm OP but I must enter a password to have Op commands rights (/login [password]) and then I can use /kick/ban/give /tp etc. If you can help me it's awesome.

    Sorry for my bad english
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    Get AuthDB!
    You'll need a mysql database (you can use xampp or a lampp stack)... if thats too complicated, you could also get Rakamak
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    Yep, go use a auth plugin, it'll stop people from stealing usernames. Keep in mind that you need to use a good password or they'll guess it :p.
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    What about xAuth?
    Or just get the people who are pirating MC to find €20 and buy it, so you can run your server in online mode.
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    Hugo mass

    I've bought it in alpha. But some users don't. Also, I need a password only for OPs rights, because if everybody must type a password before playing, it's quite annoying
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    I'm very familiar with AuthDB, and I know that you can disable "Force users to register", so only YOUR account MUST be registered. As well, you need a MySQL db, but thats not THAT hard
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