Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AgentKid, Oct 7, 2011.

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    I've noticed that for the past 2 hours or so, I've been having issues with Sometimes my client can't get a proper response from the site, in which case it gives me a 500 error. Occasionally my client will get through to, but then the server can't and it throws
    14:20:20 [INFO] Disconnecting AgentKid [/]: Failed to verify username! [internal error Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:*******************]
    14:20:20 [SEVERE] Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:*******************
    14:20:20 [SEVERE]       at
    14:20:20 [SEVERE]       at
    14:20:20 [SEVERE]       at
    14:20:20 [INFO] AgentKid [/] lost connection
    To the console. Rarely I've been able to get into the server just fine. From toying around with, it appears to be up and down, often throwing 505 errors for 2 seconds, then giving me normal answers the next 2 seconds. This happening to anyone else?

    EDIT: Oh and also when the server can't connect to and throws that error, it sends "Failed to verify username! [internal error Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:*******************]" to the client, which is too long of a message for it to handle causing it to throw another error.
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    i was about making this post, because idd since a couple of hours i have the same problem
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    Yes indeed I also have problems with that now..
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    Having the same interimittent issue on my server not running Bukkit right now either.
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    Thought i'd screwed my server up glad to see its a mutual problem.
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    I thought that I messed up with updating CB and plugins.
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    i have the same problem too..
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    Same problem here. Seems likely its an issue with
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    Timothy Eggers

    Confirmed by myself, I recently noticed this too. Indeed it isn't your fault. My theories point to the new 'Pocket Edition Minecraft' being released today, therefor maybe overloading and/or crashing
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    I don't believe that it's stress on the site that's causing it to be down, as that IP resolves to a amazon cloud, so it's unlikely that it'd be taken down by stress. I think that what is happening is more along the lines of Jeb/Notch/<The guy that handles the website> fixing a severe problem in the checkserver.jsp that has been allowing people to log into any minecraft server as someone else by having them log onto their cracked minecraft server first. For info about that exploit, check sk89q's blog. Since the fix would be done on the checkserver.jsp file itself, it could result in this kind of a problem if they messed it up.
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    Timothy Eggers

    True, sorry I was thinking sense the accounts go to, that the pocket edition would too. But I guess there aren't accounts in pocket edition. Anyway, it's working now.
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    If you guys read the twitter account of mollstam, for the past few weeks he's been working with the site, and there have been a couple outages/downtimes. He's trying to fix the whole system for it's numerous problems.
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    oh thank god i thought my computer broke or something :'(
    i rly hope this gets fixed soon or my autumn break will be ruined! :mad:
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    this has been happening sporatically this month , I believe weve been mojanged yet again :)
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    Just happened to me a few minutes ago. Starting to get annoyed now.:mad:
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    I Like Your AVATAR!
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    welcome ;)
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    Yeah Mine Is Down Too. :( Hope It Gets Fixed Very Soon. My Server Is Unfinished!! :(
    Im Now Understanding Why It Is Happening Though. [diamond] + [diamond] =[creeper]
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    minecraft authentications been down past 2 hours or so. no-one can do it. thats why there are so many people posting this same thing.
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    OMG YOU DIRTY PROTOSS BASTARD :D i like yours as well !
    That being said what plugins do you dev for, and would you interested in taking up an abandoned plug or two ? :)
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    Lol, I did iBoom, SimpleRespawn (Now called PvP+), BirdsEye, QuietTime, ServerChat, I instructed ThrillMan16 on making Newbhome, and many others unreleased.
    I'm pretty busy with all my current projects, but if you have any abandoned plugins, I'd be glad to take a look :)
    I'm knowledgeable of Spout, too.
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    Ooh you handy devil you , take a peek at portabletorch and mobrider if you would like some more awesome under your belt . theyve long been abandoned and both of those plugs are kick ass :) and if your well versed in spout plugs you should integrate mobrider with spoutcraft for the proper mount control it needs !
    Both of those plugs will help your servers donator list , I know my premium users love them !
    Edit: I tried to visit your server but your apparently whitelisted :(. For shame ! lol
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    :(i'm having exactly the same problem, does anyone know when it will be back up and running if so pleese tell me:mad:
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    is it happening again?
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    It seems so. =/
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    Same here... I'm now experiencing this problem -EXTREMELY SAD FACE-
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    NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad:
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    Generation Blue

    yeah im pretty pissed, i was changing my ip and this happened! also can someone do me a favor and try joining this - ADVENTURECITY.TK
    i know the servers are down but im experimenting with a message
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