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    How would you make the MOTD change? I tried runnables but that doesn't work... I have seen Mineplex have it, does anyone know how they do this?
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    @dlange You should ask @Skionz who also has made an api for that.
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    @dlange Also you can't do that with the ServerListPingEvent alone.
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    @dlange It's possible to modify the MOTD with NMS, just saying.
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    It works like this:
    Client sends ping to server.
    Server responds with motd and favicon.
    Server sends a ping response after that.
    Client closes connection when the ping packet arrived.

    What you have to do:
    Client send ping to server.
    Server (you) send your motd.
    Schedule 10 ticks or whatever.
    Server (you) sends another motd which will replace the last.
    Repeat this as often as you have messages to send.
    At last send a ping packet, so the client can close the connection.

    For all this you have to intercept packets and cancel the normal ping packet by the server so the client won't receive it and won't close the connection before you have send your messages.

    The motd packet is PacketStatusOutServerInfo I believe and the ping packet something around PacketStatusOutPing.

    Also have a look at for more info about this.

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