server wont start urgent!!!! please help

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what should i do

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  1. scrap server ( heart breaking)

  2. continue to try ( hard)

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  3. create new server ( better than first )

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    my server wont start ive been working on it for a few month now and it was due to reveal tommorow but it wont start ughh i think it may be because i accidentally booted it off of my iphonehotspot please help
    i will post my latest log and if you need the log from the day it happened
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    I think you need to provide a lot more information other than it was booted from your iPhone Hotspot...
    Like, where is your server, what recent changes did you make to it?
    Do you know why it won't start? Maybe posting the log would be good.

    Running a server through a Hotspot is not going to end well...
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    i accidentally ran it threw a hotspot
    its a bukkit server and the last change i made ingame was some pixel art and for the server i added essentials but i took them off after and that was a month ago
    i do not know why it will not start
    and i have been trying to post a log but it says i have exceeded the character limit but i can post the parts that say warning or unusual parts for you
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    JaguarJo Retired Staff

    theSpOtclan Please post your log to and just give us a link to it. You won't hit a character limit that way and it'll be easier for us to read. Thanks!
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    theSpOtclan Nice to see you again :p

    You remember me?
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    no i dont remind me ?
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    theSpOtclan unless your someone else, you've been on

    theSpOtclan you could be someone else :p

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    I see nothing wrong in the startup log. Just a few issues with permissions, but no fatal exceptions or anything like that. What exactly is your issue? "It won't start" is wrong, because looking at the log, it seems to be up and running fine. Can you not connect, can people on the outside not connect, etc?
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