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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AlexCityOfFun, Jan 10, 2012.

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    Hi ! I need somethink that i can get a HTML code to put on my serer's webiste. I want this HTML code to show the status of my bukkit server . Online or offline... Everythink that you find on the internet could be useful, a plugin, a minecraft servers list,etc.

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    Well if you wanted something to check the status of your server you could uses something like PHP and Minequery to show information about your server. Or you could post your server to one of the many server lists, and embed one of the status images.
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    For simple gametracker...this is the information:
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    An example please?

    Already tryed it . It isn't working!

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    Hmm Well it works for me and many others. You just have to make sure you change the server name for a while. It has to be change for at least 5 minutes at least that was my experience. As it seems their server only checks every 5 minutes. Tylerjd has a good example from the other tracker.
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    i personally prefer the status image from

    I find it the best looking
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