Server stalling twice every 1 hr?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Kainzo, Apr 11, 2011.

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    System Specs:
    i7 980x (3.6ghz)
    24gb of ddr3 1600
    Ram Disk
    Cb = 670
    25/25 Mbs
    Avg Players: 70
    Did it happen on 1.3/556? (no)

    It seems my server is timing out - about twice every hour - there are NO error messages from the console and it just becomes unresponsive - luckily - it resumes - we are not running any autosave plugin to save the world. It lasts for about 30s-1m.

    Here's the plugin list.
    AutoMessage.jar  CommandBook.jar          ecoCreature.jar   HeroMagic.jar         MagicCarpet.jar   NoFarm.jar          Tombstone.jar
    BankAccount.jar  CommandHelper.jar        Fabulous.jar      HeroSneak.jar         Minequery.jar     NoMe.jar            TorchBurn.jar
    BigBrother.jar   CraftBookCircuits.jar    HeroBounty.jar    iConomyChestShop.jar  MobRider.jar      Parties.jar         Vanish.jar
    BorderGuard.jar  CraftBook.jar            HeroChat.jar      iConomy.jar           MonsterTamer.jar  Permissions.jar     Whitelist.jar
    Cleaner.jar      CraftBookMechanisms.jar  HeroicDeath.jar   Lottery.jar           MultiVerse.jar    PetitionPlugin.jar  WorldEdit.jar
    ComLog.jar       CraftBookVehicles.jar    HeroicRebuke.jar  LWC.jar               MyWarp.jar        SignEdit.jar        WorldGuard.jar
    Note that all plugins are using Mysql.

    Disabled BigBrother - the lag stopped. Testing out without the massive DB now.

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    Dont use BB with 1.4 It just doesnt work it all. Major lag. Use LogBlock. Its not as good as BB, but will make a huge difference on lag and crashes
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    Well - we've yet to crash due to BigBrother - but our DB was 5-6Gb large (over 70+ million records)

    Dropping the table fixed it. We'll see about adding in LogBlock.
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    Same with my server, BB Lagged the hell out of it, hope your problem get's solved.
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    Nathan C

    Yep, same here. The 1.4 BB is trash.

    I have to use a 1.4 compatible 1.3 CraftBukkit and the older BigBrother for it to work good.
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