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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by roracle, Jul 26, 2022.

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    Plugin category: Miscellaneous

    Minecraft version: 1.19

    Suggested name: ServerSignsForPlayers

    What I want:
    A way for servers to create their own custom signs that can be placed by players.
    Pretty much the following plugin but working on 1.19

    Sign updates every X seconds, placeholder support, and command execution on left/right click.

    Commands should support placeholders as well. Support for multiple commands to be executed one after another.

    Server admin edits config file to create signs. Signs can either be their own config for each sign or all in one config.

    Ideas for commands:
    Admin commands:
    /ssp reload - reloads signs

    Ideas for permissions:
    ssp.use - can create signs (default)
    ssp.reload - can reload the plugin (admin)

    Thank you for the consideration.
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    Here you go :)

    This was a fun project to work on, and I hope it's what you're looking for. Let me know if you have any issues with it.

    Permissions are similar to above, but they are magicsigns.use and magicsigns.reload. Custom sign templates can have custom permissions, and these are not given by default. These are given like 'magicsigns.use.[permission]'. The reload command is /ms reload

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    Thank you very much! I'll hit you up if I see any issues come about.
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    Hello, getting around to testing this out and it doesn't appear to be working. There are no errors in the console or anything of the sort to indicate what the issue is.
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    Hm, interesting. Is it at least showing up on your /plugins list? Could you give any more details about what type of server you're running it on, and what other plugins are installed? I will do a little bit more testing to see if I can replicate this.
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    omg I have so many plugins it's embarrassing. Most of them are Slimefun related, but I do have TARDIS also which means I have Multiverse, and Towny and GemsEconomy, Essentials, VanillaTweaks (PaperTweaks, whatever, I think they're having an identity crisis rn lol), Dynmap, CommandPanels, QuickShop, WorldEdit... I think that's it. I'll get a /plugins output for you.

    Yes, it shows up in my plugin list. I'm on Paper 1.19.1 and I keep it updated.

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