Server-sided Hovering (Flying)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Canownueasy, Aug 24, 2011.

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    So we are yet to discover a way to emulate Zombe's hovering server-sided. Is there any way bukkit could be less restricted, and with that I mean, don't cancel actions after they already happen but instead cancel them all together?

    Anyway I was wondering if anybody came up with a solution to keep your character still in the air.
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    onPlayerMove(PlayerMoveEvent event){
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    This is not hovering at all and also restricts the player from looking around, or, in fact, doing anything while "hovering".
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    Then that doesn't work. Never used PlayerMove, so I wouldn't know!
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    Its not possible without a client mod, but you could always place a glass block under the player. xD
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    I don't think it would be possible because isn't the falling of the player client side, so unless it thinks there is a block under the player the players gonna fall.The only way would be to trick the client into thinking there is always a block under the player.
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    But that will result in a bug when you try to build low. So when you want to build low it will still think there is a block, so the block will be placed on the user's location instead of in front of you. Or you have to make a block yourself that collides with yourself, but not with your pointer, as when you try to build something. Is that a possibility?
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    Cosmic Break

    spout flight.
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    I've accomplished this with boats by setting the boat's upward velocity to their average downward velocity, thus creating "floating" as they're literally going 0 blocks/second in the Y direction. The plugin I accomplished this in isn't public, so I won't release the source, but you get the idea, good luck.
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