Problem/Bug Server randomly crashes

Discussion in 'General Help' started by KyyL, Jun 1, 2016.

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    Hello, the last few days I have been having random server crashes. Its really frustrating and I was just wondering if its because the machine cant handle the load or if its a plugin error.

    I am running a Tekkit Legends server with Kcauldron and 32 plugins. We have about 35 people on around peak hours.

    If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

    This is the console log.

    This is the crash log.
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    I Al Istannen

    "-2199,249,2609" the block this coordinates kills the server. Try to delete it and see what happens.
    It is of this type : "ID #755 (LogisticsPipes Pipe Block // logisticspipes.pipes.basic.LogisticsBlockGenericPipe)"

    I can't help you with why the error occured though. Never used Forge, especially not for serverside tasks.
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    We ended up starting a new map and its still crashing every so often.

    [20:27:59] [Server thread/INFO]: PandasDeath issued server command: /r ight ill buy 3
    [20:28:01] [Server thread/ERROR]: Encountered an unexpected exception
    [20:28:01] [Server thread/ERROR]: This crash report has been saved to: /home/minecraft/multicraft/servers/server26463/./crash-reports/crash-2016-06-02_20.28.01-server.txt
    [20:28:01] [Server thread/INFO]: Stopping server
    [20:28:01] [Server thread/INFO]: [QuickShop] Disabling QuickShop v4.4

    That's the error its giving.
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    I Al Istannen

    The same error in the crash report? If yes, it might be the fault of LogisticPipes.
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