Server random lags, not even 1 error in the console!?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gladius_Crafter, Sep 4, 2012.

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    Back away from orbitblade, they are probably the cause to your problem. :p
    We used them a few months ago, and the quality of service was so poor that we left after our first month and bought a dedicated server instead.
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    All their other servers dont crash like mine. I dont think its their fault.
  3. I have about 37 plugins, But WAY more RAM. 9-10GB all time RAM... Still have MS Spikes. I think it MIGHT be essentials but that's an essential plugin(See what I did there hehe). But I do have like 8 worlds with over 1000 entities and thousands of chunks loaded - May be another thought.
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    Yup it might be essentials but so much servers use it so I doubt it. And I have 3 worlds. I dont get any errors in my console tho. Just players getting end of stream and connection reset.
  5. I just get lag spikes but no kicks. every once-in-a-while they get kicked for: GenericReason.
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    joshua katz

    Can you do what I asked above?
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    PLEASE help me!
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    Its your hosting company. Since the recent update with 1.3.1 minecraft servers take more of a toll on a computers CPU. I promise you if you switch to a company like or you will not experience any lag.
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