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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Poncho, Dec 25, 2014.

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    Merry Christmas everyone.

    Recently a server I play on has crashed and the admin has released the log after the crash. 25000 player logs were deleted and they can't seem to fix anything.


    [16:11:31] Player issued command /rankup F - Packet injection successful 
    [16:11:34] Player sent chat packet - Packet sender_sent_vl1.8 successful 
    [16:11:40] Player sent command_boolean request - Packet sender_cmdargs_vl1.8 successful 
    [16:11:42] Player issued command /rankup XC - Packet failed, returned error exception; !Unknown command 
    [16:11:46] [WARN] Sever could not find /var/www/lib/multicraft18 returning to default directory 
    [16:13:49] [WARN] Sever time changed, is this lag or is the server running overtime? 
    [16:14:00] Server stopped - Players disconnected with exception; !Server closed 
    [16:14:31] [WARN] Could not enable restart sequence script 
    [16:14:34] Reloading directory from /var/www/lib/multicraft18/prison
    [16:14:37] [ERROR] Error occurred on line 71 of bukkit.jar - Failed to find org.bukkit.eventhandler; 
    [16:14:49] Server stopped - Players disconnected with exception; !Server closed *** END OF JAVA I/O PACKET LOG ***
    You probably can't do anything with this because it is barely anything. The server is a prison server and I think the problem is the ranks system. Thanks to whoever helps me out.

    EDIT by Timtower: fixed log
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

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    Sadly that is all the admin is giving us. The owner of the server is away on holiday and no one has access to the panel. This is all we have.
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    @Poncho Then it isn't something that I can help with.
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    Larry Newman

    Assuming that there is no backup of the 25000 player logs through an admin, the hosting company, etc. Then they're not exactly recoverable. Depending on your host, they've most likely already backed them up and all the owner has to do is open a support ticket with them asking for a backup.
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