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  1. I have a question, our project is becoming really large and I was wondering the following for server performance:
    A lot of times a lot of space gets "unused" behind or below buildings etc .. out of sight of any player to ever see but it probably amounts to a few million blocks over our entire city.. so my question, is it better to:
    A: Fill all the empty spaces with stone (or any same block)
    B: Carve out the empty spaces and leave big "never to be seen holes" roaming the city
    Remember in both A and B noone will ever see those places but just want to know what's better for srver performance...
    Thanks :)
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    You will probably notice no performance increase at all if you fill in spaces :)
  3. Hmm so it makes no difference at all if I leave the mas holes or fill em up ?
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    Nathan C

    It really should make no difference server side.

    Although for clients I would fill in the empty spaces with dirt or something, so the lighting does not bug out or something and create low fps for clients.
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