Server owners, where do we go now?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by robotnikthingy, Sep 6, 2014.

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    Can be found here: irc://
    Info found here: Link

    Note: you must be a registered user to join the irc channel, you can register by /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>

    Edit: No need to spam for answers, patience will give them to you.
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    Sponge is more or less an idea at the moment. In time, it could be something. For now, it's just a notepad with various things scribbled down and scratched out.

    If you hop into their IRC channel, don't ask about a release date. In light of the mass exodus and the bleak future of bukkit, this idea just came about today, but seems to have a large amount of support for the server mod community at large.
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    It's over for most of you. Some people already got the Project forked and can continue to update it for private use (1.8 up and running). Developers has won and leechers has lost. :)
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    Dinnerbone is atleast going to update it to 1.8

    'To make this clear: Mojang owns Bukkit. I'm personally going to update Bukkit to 1.8 myself. Bukkit IS NOT and WILL NOT BE the official API.'

    After that, we shall see.
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    Dinnerbone can say many things, but he wont and absolutely can't update bukkit or even touch it because it would be illegal and against many licenses. You will NOT see bukkit 1.8 officially updated at all. If not completly re-written or Mojang release Minecraft as open source.
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    Weren't there plans for an entire new API?
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    New API = new plugins = 0 plugins from day 1
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    Yes, however everything is better then a Vanilla MC.
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    Sponge will be based on Forge (witch i can't see to work out well) and all plugins will needed to be rewritten... And i don't knoe if it would be that easy with nms etc to mosify ai's and behavior... Does someone know if you can use something similiar to nms? Probably if sponge is the future i'll stop because the idea ia good to start something new but the ideas like using forge for that and not taking time to create a clean room implementation or going to base on glowstone is bad...
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    Is there a way I could use this through multicraft? Seems like a really useful mod you've made and I'd love to use it.
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    You go outside
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    That's terrible, unthinkable! Why would anyone want to do that?!? The sun! The sun will burn us to ashes within seconds!!!
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  16. I plan on learning on how to develop for the Plugin API.
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    That people even consider it!
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    I've started to write an alternative to Bukkit, called IngotPowered. So far, about three hours of work have gone into it, but here's the Github if you're interested in checking it out, and maybe even contributing :)
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    He is not, since the DCMP, or the DMCP, (Forgot Letter Order :p)
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    True. He is going to need to redo the CopyRighted parts if he wants to continue it.
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    This wouldn't of happened if that DMCA Request wouldn't have happened, It wasn't Just Mr.Wolfe who did it though, from what I've heard, it wasn't just Wolfe who did the DMCA request, dozens of other people helped.

    This is a very bad stage for Bukkit, & Spigot. Now we just need to rely on each other, and the community to make a new API. We will see where this bumpy road takes us.
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    Nothing lasts for ever, everything needs an end, even if its not the best of endings. Best we can do now is continue on to the new generation with the knowledge from the older generations. hMod died, Bukkit stepped up to the plate; now Bukkit is dying, it's #Sponge's turn to step up.
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    What is Sponge? Gamecube762 And that link cant be found..
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    even though bukkit is basically dead, you can still access spigot. Some plugins are available on spigotmc. Good luck to you all.
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    Padeius Etoh

    cauldron has a solution that is promising.
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    Well, I certainly do not have any "good" plans at the moment.

    Some ideas I have considered as a server/network owner (in order of most-favored):

    1. Don't do anything and stay on 1.7.9 (rather that waste time on something that might eventually die anyway)
    2. Downgrade to 1.7.5 and avoid the UUID performance issues.
    3. Upgrade to 1.7.10 (just to match latest plugins more than anything else)
    4. Throw in the towel and go host "7 Days to Die" servers.

    I'm not going to hold my breath for such things as Glowstone or Sponge. They are just too far away from getting a working/stable project.

    My gut feeling is that "if" Mojang releases Minecraft_Server.jar with an official API, that might help quite a bit but again, not going to hold my breath on that one either. Besides, even "if" that was released AND existing Bukkit plugins could mostly work out-of-the-box, many plugin developers have abandoned their projects because of the "slave" environment vibe going on.
    Did I just dream this up or do I recall the author/creator of Minecraft saying that at one point in the future, he might release Minecraft as Open Source? Probably meant only after Minecraft was making no more money...maybe that thought is irrelevant with other people now maintaining Minecraft in his place.
    I am at a point where I am just shrugging my shoulders going "what's the point?" I have been trying to design my servers last a long time and not even need me around on a daily basis but my goal seems to be shot to pieces now.
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    I messed around with that last night for a while. It's got a long way to go (no mobs, for example). The only way to play it currently is in creative mode. It looks promising, though.

    I went outside and decided I wanted some wood. So I did what anyone would do in my position: I punched a tree.

    All I got was scraped and bloody knuckles.
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    Link was suppose to be able to launch your IRC client(if you have one) and connect you to #Sponge. It appears that the Bukkit forums likes to add Http:// at the beginning of a link which breaks the links I've been posting.
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