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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by moose517, Sep 17, 2011.

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    Windows Server 2008 R2 is pretty slick. It's a far cry from the bloat of the consumer versions. It's fast and easy to use. Sadly it isn't free.
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    Right now i use server 2k8 R2.
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    its ok, windows is shit, OSX would be preferable but who can afford that?
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    Ubuntu 11.04 64bit
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    andrew pearson

    Window XP Pro 32bit
    But since My community has grown to 30 people I'm upgrading to a real server with Windows Server 2008 with dual processors with dual cores, 8GB of ram, and a 50 50 connection
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    linux - centOS 5

    I prefer linux over windows for servers.
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    Ohh ESXI 5.0, nice..... I'm upgrading now ;) Thanks for the Info
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    I've used both Debian Squeeze and CentOS 5.7

    I would say Debian is slightly easier to set up, but perhaps thats because my PC operating system is Debian and i'm more familiar with it.
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    Running on Windows Home Server 2011 x64. Works great.
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    Created a VM on my ESXi 5.0 server to play around with centOS 6.0. I was having difficulties but thats just cause i'm a linux noob LOL. One thing i would like to know is if i can create SMB shares with it as well as use like hte MS RDP tool to reach the VM. don't want to have to use vSphere client to access it each time
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    What is the point of a dual processors with dual cores? Just get a quad core lol
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    andrew pearson

    lol that was what I was given by my community.
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    Don Lafferty

    Linux Mint
  14. I wouldnt use OSX as a server OS.

    I would be using ESXi 4 or 5 under the CentOS, if it just supported my 3Ware Raid-controller.
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    I'm running MineOS tiny core
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    Stripped down CentOS 5 x64
    I would use OSX Server as a server though :p
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    Debian 6
    Ubuntu 10.04

    I don't see any reason to waste time and effort trying to configure gentoo, centos, or any selinux distro for a simple game server.
  18. Thats better :D
    I still wouldnt use anything but RPM-based Linuxes (preferably Fedora, CentOS or RHEL), but that because they are what I know best
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    So I'm probably gonna order a VPS (OpenVZ) tomorrow. Its specs are:
    5GB Dedicated RAM, 6GB Burst RAM
    Some Xeon Quad processor
    SAS Harddrives 15k in raid

    Now I've not had much experience from VPS's before. I've previously bought "minecraft servers" with FTP acess to the minecraft folder only. (I've recently been in touch with CentOS 5.5 a bit.)
    But my host is very helpful and can help me setup and maintain a server on any OS.
    I have around 30 plugins and will use MySQL with some of them, as well use Sun Java and LAMP so I can host the server website on it.

    Therefore I'm asking you what Linux OS that you think would suit my setup the best, performace wise? Some I've spoken to told me CentOS because it so simple, and some say Debian gives better performance.. :/

    What Linux-distro would you install with this setup? Please enlight me :)
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    Some custom Linux distribution... based on CentOS.
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    I've found CentOs x64 with JRE 7 (x64) to be the best for performance; but I haven't tried WS R2. Windows would be clunky for a server anyway.

    Ahh, dupe. Darn can't delete it. Our computers use IE9, lol. Fails.

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    right now windows 2003 server 2x 3.4 dual core Xeon 500GB raid5 abut 20 with no lag
    i am also running mysql, mssql, web server, irc chat server,Services for irc chat,and another game server on same box
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    Debian stable (Squeeze). Stable for a reason. It takes a while for Debian to release stable as it goes through a lot of work to get it there.
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    Ubuntu 11.04. Gotta love those narwhals!
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    Were running our server on Debian 6 x64

    Why would you run minecraft on centos? So much un-necessary overhead

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    Because CentOS is a pretty slim distro if you do a server installation?
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    Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacentre Edition, With 48Gb ram and a Quad Core Xeon X5770 @ 2.93Ghz :p
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    Used to use mine on mac for testing. Switched to a VPS idk what they're running :p
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    At one time, when I did run a server (with, trying to get back in contact with them right now.)
    I ran Linux w/ Ubuntu (forgot all the details ... ) ._.

    Currently I run my scrap setup server on Win7 64-bit, and it behaves quite well!
    I might install Ubuntu on it if possible (without reformatting the main OS) later..
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