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    Hello Bukkit Forums! This is my first post, so sorry if I break rules or things >.<. Anyway, my friend and I own servers, and we would like to link the servers together. (Think multiverse-portals, only with servers). I haven't found a plugin that could do this without Spout, so I'd like to request that somebody make this plugin. To the author of the plugin-to-be, I'd be happy to post your username and anything else on the message boards of both servers!
    The IP of my server is:
    The IP of my friend's server is:
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    Nope, just no.
    We already had a few conversations about this.
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    Read the Plugin Requests Guide

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    A few? A few dozen more like it. -_-

    And actually, yes. :3
    Md_5 and codename_b have released this. He gave me a link, but I'm on my phone... Go through MD's latest posts, it'll be there.
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    Dats awsum
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    I think you mean this. It requires spout
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    False, it's a custom version of CraftBukkit, and as such, their home post can't be posted here.
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    Dang it! You beat me by a few seconds. :'(

    Ninja'd by evilmidget38 :mad:
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    The correct term is "ninja'd". :p
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    Sorry, I didn't read it :oops:
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    actually this is kinda possible get a world travel portal plugin
    get your friends server world and all the stats and shit
    make a portal to the world
    thus you "linked" the servers
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    There is no point of the plugin anyway... If you can disconnect from the server and join the other server, your just lazy :/ Just put the ip of each others server on a sign and have people type it in, if your players would use it ._.

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