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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by MrTeapot, May 27, 2011.

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    I'm running a server on my other computer and it always starts to lag when we get to 4+ players.
    It has this hardware:

    We are playing on version 1.5.01 and we have these plugins installed:

    I have 15mb up
    I have windows XP
    Can anyone please tell my why my server lags? Is it the hardware? (btw been a while since I installed windows on the comp; but I removed all unessesary programs from it and I have about 1cpu usage when not running the server and 100%cpu usage when running it with 4 players.)

    Please help me

    Regards, Reflexar
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    There is no way that setup should lag you with 4 players.
    I suggest you try to find the problem yourself. Start with removing all your plugins and running your server like that, see if it lags. If it doesnt, add the plugins one by one untill the problem starts to see which one is causing it.
    If it still lags with absolutely no plugins, post back and let us know.
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    We are 6 people now. But I removed all plugins and I still get 100% CPU usage and the message "Cant keep up!"
    Btw I have mobs: should maybe remove them?

    EDIT: CPU down to 16% without mobs. Its amazing, but we'd like mobs... x)

    EDIT2: This leads to my second question: How can I turn off health regeneration without having mobs?
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    Post your server config file please.
    And you cant turn off health regeneration when spawn-monsters=false... its been asked and widely wanted for a long time :p Your going to need to mess with some health plugins to do this. Yes i know its a pain.
    best bet is to keep monsters on and stop them from spawning with a protection plugin.
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