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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by lst96, Jun 22, 2013.

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    I have a server which plenty people join everyday then few seconds later leave while most of the time not saying a word or moving a block. Could anybody come check out and reply back here what could be turning members away?
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    It appears you lack professionalism. Just by glancing at it, I get the impression it's one of those servers run by a kid that will end up dead in a few months and any work I do on it gone.
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    website won't load, that's a pretty big deal :)
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    Website seems to be working to me. What parts lack professionalism?

    Is it the spawn? The website?
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    here is a list of why people wouldn't play on your server:

    1. Your domain is a free domain ...
    2. The name of your server, kindof sucks
    3. Its just like the thousands of other survival servers out there
    4. Like chase said "lacks professionalism"
    5. 99.9% of servers like this never ever end up getting big. You need something unique, and fun.
    6. I didn't join, but lots of people won't stay if they join and see some crappy spawn.
    7. Also like chase said, most servers like this don't last long.
    8. Finally, currently people are into minigame servers, not so much survival anymore
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    Lol, I think that's a server IP
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    I think you're wrong. it's definitely not an IP :p

    seriously though, it was linked, what am I supposed to think? lol
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    Lol, I clicked on it too at first. But I re-read the OP, and realized he just meant for people to connect to that address in-game.
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