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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by bluehasia, Jul 16, 2012.

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    So im sure im not the only server out that has drama happen on there server. wondering how other admins deal with it when.

    A. people come to you with life problems
    B. bickering/fighting between players
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    Run your server like a business and don't take risks that are not needed.

    A. answer it? this does not really affect your server, its just personal opinion, so do what you want.
    B. Look into it and investigate. Simply look up the logs to see who is a fault and apply the necessary action you feel is right.

    But the best advice I could give from running a server is: Trial and error.
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    TnT Retired Staff

    A "Drama" chat channel. Drop people into that when they get dramatic.
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    I don't get much drama nowadays, the worst I've had was infighting in the staff a long time ago. Ended up with the server essentially splitting, and now both halves are prettymuch dead. Makes me wonder why I bother running it any more.
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    im with you hatstand last week server has lost its fun. i just wanted to run a fun was back end server management. and with the chats tnt, its all pms they send me via skype since we have a recommended skype chat channel. hopefully this will all pass and people can grow up XD
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    I ran into this as well. I am going to try a new idea that might blow up horribly, but it has a chance of working. I'm working on a new server that will be self-maintained anarchy, no staff.

    Population density plugin to automatically start people in new areas when the previous is mined out or crowded.
    Banvote for democratic policing.
    PayRank for self promotion when enough money is earned.
    Jobs that level up.
    Randomized announcements list with tips.
    No whitelist.

    Like I said, this might blow up, but I'm looking at it as a social experiment. The people who are mature enough to learn the necessary commands and learn the way the server works will be able to police themselves when some complainer shows up. Eh, we'll see :)
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    People get dramatic? Tell them to take it to a private convo or channel.

    They don't? Mute them.

    They break rules (harassing players, name calling, etc)? Mute/Ban them, depending on severity.

    Staff infighting? Fire them. Plenty of fresh meat wanting to be staff out there.

    IRL drama? Become a psychopath like me and be totally apathetic to the cares and emotions of others.
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    i think i should rephrase this a bit more

    recently one said they were suicidal, kind of hard to mute that and ignore..
    and another was supposed to be a group of friends that knew each other for a long time and were long term active players
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    I've been sensing the second problem on my server just a bit. Some fighting has been going on, and I certainly don't want to ban what little active players we have. I've found it helpful just to let them be -- Don't try to interfere, or you'll make one/both angry. Ignore it for the time being, and it'll calm down eventually.
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    If any user is saying they are going to take there own life ban them I'm sorry it seems harsh but if that user is to do anything or another user is to tell them to do it and they do you can be held accountable for that
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    I have had both of the above issues this past summer and still have issues with hearing about "real life problems".
    If it is from my staff then I listen and ask that they only talk about it in admin chat or via /msg as to not scare of the other players. When it comes from players I am sad to say this but it is what has kept me sane is to pretend I did not see it. I started 2 Facebook Groups (one for staff and one for players) and a lot of talk about real life problems are posted there or on our forums which I am fine with since not on the server. It seems in a place like a facebook group they all ban together and help each other.

    Now as for bickering/fighting between players:

    If it is staff I warn them in our staff Facebook Group (so not done in front of players) and if done again they get a temp demotion then goes onto full demotion and finally a ban.
    Now, this was my really big problem that made me ban over 11 players from the same school. My server became popular with a bunch of kids from the same school. It was all ok and fun to have them all on together until there was a fight in school that spilled over to the server. It got bad very bad. We have a guide line on how to handle players breaking the rules. /warn, /kick, /tempban /ban With these kids nothing was working and then it got so bad that it also spilled over into the facebook group. I ended up banning all the kids from that school and kicking them out of the group. I hated doing it because it was a good 11 players I banned but I think I had no other choice. Right???
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