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    You are late to the party. These will help you:

    TL;DR: To fight big networks making micro charges every corner, parents calling Mojang for their kids buying ranks on a 3rd party server, and Pay-To-Win servers; Mojang changed how the rules for server monetisation is enforced.

    Servers CAN still receive donations, but donations are donations, they must expect nothing in return for donating.
    Servers CAN still SELL cosmetic stuff(hats, effects, chat commands), but they CANNOT affect gameplay in any way. Any servers selling items that gives the user an advantage or disadvantage over others will violate the EULA and Mojang CAN take legal action against you.

    You have already agreed to the EULA when you made your Minecraft account AND when you edited eula.txt in your server to "true"

    I suggest you read all of those posts as I did leave a few things out.
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    Ok, thx allot man, you got ALLOT off my mind, i will follow you on bukkit now :)
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