Problem/Bug Server Crashes

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Jipd, Aug 1, 2015.

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    odds are that someone tried to make a mob-spawner that spawns armorstand entities, which the server does not like.

    Your map is contaminated now with a mob-spawner cube that cant not be allowed to exist. You would have to remove it using a map editor program, OR, iif you are able to boot the server and login and teleport to it before the server crashes, you might be able to teleport to it and destroy it within an allowed time gap.

    The block is here: Block location: World: (3,58,118), Chunk: (at 3,3,6 in 0,7; contains blocks 0,0,112 to 15,255,127), Region: (0,0; contains chunks 0,0 to 31,31, blocks 0,0,0 to 511,255,511)

    If you cant login without it crashing before you can do any commands, you will have to work fast and in stages - pre-fill your console command line with instruction to switch you to creative mode, login, and as soon as the server logs you in, hit enter on the console. Or control-V pasting/enter slam if you are already opped, able to enter the gamemode command, have it copied to clipboard first, then paste when you login and hope it executes. Then teleport to that block coordinate 3, 58, 118 and be ready to break it immediately. If the server crashes and kicks you out before you could teleport, then again, in stages, have that command to teleport pre-readied in the console or copied to clipboard, and execute ASAP, you might have a second to react when you get near the block.

    You might also NOT be able to get the server started and logged in at all without the server crashing, esp since that block coordinate is very close to spawn, so you cant even wipe your data file since that would respawn you at 0,64,0 thereabouts area, within the realm of chunk downloading.

    Last and final trick to beat the server so that you might be able to get in nearby: Change the to have a view radius of 1 , so that only 1 chunk in all directions from you will load, that lets you login about 30 blocks away from the bad block without making it load that bad block, and let you get ready to tp and break right away..

    Then shoot whoever spawned the cube

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    There is no spawner in that chunk.
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    @bwfcwalshy - my 'double post' was made such for effect.

    You see the message as I do direct from your server log.
    The server believes that there is a spawner cube at the coordinates it lists - (3,58,118) in World and that is the object that it is tripping on while trying to update blocks on the server.

    What is at that cube, if you have time to visualize it before crashing out?
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    Nothing, it's just an ordinary chunk with ordinary blocks there.
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    If you are unable to locate the issue within the chunk the best option may be to make a test copy of the world, remove the chunk with an editing program, and then see if the issue persists.
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