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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by TNTftw21, Mar 7, 2014.

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    I reloaded the server, and accidentally double-jumped (using one of the reloading plugins), and it made my fly. When I cancelled fly, it kicked me, saying that there was an IO error. Now, I stopped the server, brought it back up, stopped it again, deleted minecraft-server.jar, re-downloaded it, deleted craftbukkit.jar, re-download IT, and it still says a server is running when I try to run it. Any help?
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    Try restarting your PC/server completely. Sometimes crashes do funny things to your port settings.

    If at all possible, restart any router/modem you have as well, as that might also be the issue.
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    The problem is, it's on my dad's computer, and I ssh to it. I will talk to him, though.
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    King Pyro

    The process is still technically running and either ending the program through task manager ( assuming it is a windows host ) or restarting the computer will resolve the problem
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    Actually, seeing as it's a Linux OS, I could still see if I can figure out what the process for the server is, kill that, and that should kill all connected processes.

    Would anyone happen to know what the process would be?
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    Thank you for your replies. However, for some unknown reason, the server process killed itself. Thanks to all of you.
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    It happened again. However, I now know what the process is, and, no matter how many times I use pkill, it keeps running.
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