Server Crash with Only Trace of Error "Connection Reset"

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Skarian, Dec 30, 2011.

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    Recently, my server has resulted in numerous crashes without an error. The only thing that shows up as an indicator is "Connection Reset." The crash always occurs right before that indicator. I know however that Connection Reset isnt the real error, but its easier to see where the server crashed. Ive tried alternating between Bukkit 1597 and 1637. And removing Towny and Essentials and Colored Signs. Not sure where the issue lies.

    Plugins: TeleportSuite, CommandHelper, ModTRS, MCSL, ScheduledAnnouncer, PermissionsEX, Minequery, BanHammer, AutoShutdown, ChatManager, PlgSetSpawn, iConomy, KonseptGate, ModifyWorld, WorldEdit, SuperPickaxe, Vanish2, SetRankPEX, LWC, Votifier, NoCheat, PluginRelaoder, Tuto, MobDisguise, Permissions, Worldguard, Hawkeye, ChestShop, Factions, MyHome, Register, Buycraft.

    Here is the Server Log (The Server Crashed Right Before the "Connection Reset"):
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    Nathan C

    I can't see the "connection reset error".

    Try posting a bigger chunk of the log, with more lines.
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    You must have neglected to actually read the log, it's right before the [SEVERE] null. There's 3 lines with "[Info] Connection reset" Also consider he's said, and so does the topic title that there is no ERROR itself, just the connection resets. :/

    I'm having the same issue recently on my server. I've tried removing any new plugin additions since I've noticed the problem, that's not to say it wasn't there before. As well I'm getting no console errors, just "Connection reset" :(
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