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  1. Plugin category: Server Tools

    Suggested name: CrashRestart

    What I want: I have been searching for a plugin that can auto-restart a server when it encounters a [SEVERE] exception, but I have not had any luck. My server seems to crash once every 24 hours though not completely so that it can start up again. It sort of stays in a state where no one can join, but third-party server status devices still read the server online with the amount of people online at the time of the crash.

    The plugin I am proposing would be able to identify when the server encounters a [SEVERE] exception or writes anything to the crash-reports folder, and then imediately perform the command '/stop' to close the server.

    Ideas for commands: No extra commands needed for this plugin.

    Ideas for permissions: No permissions are necessary as no player interaction with this plugin is required.

    When I'd like it by: A week or so.
  2. Anyone? I wouldn't expect a plugin like this would take that much time or effort to code
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    Use mycyadmin, there is a setting.
  4. My server host doesn't use McMyAdmin
  5. It would also be good if there was to be some announcement before the server restarted that can be configurable, or if it only restarted after a certain amount of lines of [SEVERE] errors, so that one minor one would not trigger it.
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    All you need is a plugin that stops your server when it encounters any [SEVERE] errors and a script that loop-starts the server every time it shuts down. It's not possible to restart the server with pure bukkit code or without a modified server.
  7. My server host already uses a script to restart the server every time it shuts down, the problem is just that occasionally my server encounters a [SEVERE] error but does not completely close, and I have to manually restart it. If a plugin could do this for me by issuing the command '/stop' it would be great.
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    That's not too hard. Actually not at all ;) I'll have a look when I get time for it.
  9. Thanks :)
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    unimatrix Bukkit Sponsor

    any update on this?
  11. I haven't really bothered to follow it up as the occurrence of these sorts of crashes have since become extremely rare, ever since I upgraded the server's RAM limit and more stable versions of bukkit have been released. I haven't had to manually restart my server at all since this plugin was requested, it crashed completely and was able to automatically restart.

    If you still want to develop this plugin, I'm sure many people who have experienced similar problems would make good use of it

    However, I am also looking for someone to develop this other plugin I have requested:
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    whitehooder I like to see how you restart the server with a plugin that is running in the same thread that crashed meaning it is not responding to anything cause it crashed ;)


    You would need a wrapper for that. There are many server wrappers out there that do exactly that. for example.

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