Server Commands Not Working after Updating my Bukkit Server to 1.8

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Buster9844, Dec 22, 2014.

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    I really need your help!!!! I would love to have my server set up and published for the new year however after updating it. My commands such as; /spawn, /home, /warp..., and /colour. I have run the server using the 1.7.10 version and it runs perfectly. Please help!!!!!!!
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    Are you running the 1.8 produced by the Spigot team? Did you read and follow the instructions completely, including the part about getting a new version of Essentials?
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    Yes i have now updated both my bukkit and essentials, permissionsEx, and World Edit. Yet it still is not working!!
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    Download the latest version of essentials by spigot it is a build that is comptible with 1.8-1.8.1

    Then replace your old essentials with that one, and DO REMEMBER to delete your old essentials and its file then put it in
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    [16:05:28 ERROR]: Essentials not installed or failed to load. Essenials Protect is in emergency mode now.

    I keep getting this error message
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    I have the same error. I have been searching for a solution. Right now I am waiting for the real essentials team to create one for 1.8. People that have a server for PC have no problems, but I run on Mac and I'm guessing you do too.
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    oh wow! You have no idea how great this is iv'e been thinking that i was the only one. But yea i do run a Mac! THANKS SO MUCH i guess ill do the same.
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    best thing is to contact the developer of the Essentials 1.8 plugin (TeamCity) and let them know of the issue.
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    It's been 2 1/2 months since 1.8 was released; If they haven't made their own version of Essentials by now, they probably never will, especially given their attitude ("There is no official Bukkit for Minecraft 1.8." "There is no official Essentials for Minecraft 1.8."). They haven't made any changes to their own source in 5 months.

    You should have no problems creating and running the new CraftBukkit 1.8 server plus Essentials on a Mac.
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    I actually run on a Mac as well and have the same exact problem. Clearly there is a problem due to having a Mac.
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    the problem would be more clear with a full startup log pastebinned as to why essentials isn't loading - it could be your java version (essentials from them is compiled with java 7 so running a server in java 6 will result in a no-go, and will also hint at it in the error with a message about a method not existing when trying to load the config file), it could be something else you've broken , etc.

    Mac users refer to for such a case

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    It can be helpful to put the standard vanilla commands into the command override section of your commands.yml config file.

    Like this:
    # This is the commands configuration file for Bukkit.
    # For documentation on how to make use of this file, check out the Bukkit Wiki at
    # If you need help on this file, feel free to join us on irc or leave a message
    # on the forums asking for advice.
    # IRC: #spigot @
    #  (If this means nothing to you, just go to )
    # Forums:
    # Bug tracker:
    - give
    - clear
    - tp
    - summon
    - setblock
    - fill
    - effect
    - spawnpoint
    - kill
    - scoreboard
      - version $1-
      - '*'
    You may also try prefixing the command


    And finally, as the link immediately above suggests- you may have a problem with your Java setup or version.

    There are now over 30,000 1.8 servers with about 10,000 of them using essentials successfully serving about 260,000 players. (you can check out the numbers at

    Sorry you are struggling with this. Good Luck.
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