Problem/Bug Server CMD doesn't stop correctly

Discussion in 'General Help' started by CornRolls, Mar 12, 2016.

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    So I've been having this problem with my server, in the run.bat, if I try to stop it by doing stop in the cmd it starts disabling plugins but then doesn't completely close, i'm not sure if its a plugin problem or not, but here are the plugins im running.

    -colored signs
    -group manager
    -holographic displays
    -massivecore (i'm thinking it may be this plugin causing the problem)
    -multiverse core
    -multiverse portal
  2. @CornRolls
    My guess would be mcMMO. I have been having this problem on my test server, the server freezes when mcMMO is disabling. Try disabling backups in mcMMO config.
        Enabled: true <--- change to false
            Last_24_Hours: true
            Daily_Last_Week: true
            Weekly_Past_Months: true
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    Thanks, I will try this soon whenever I get the time, then let you know.

    Thank you very much, I tried that and got it working.

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