Server At 5-10 TPS Help!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Sam991, Aug 31, 2013.

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    Ok I have a minecraft server which is a vps hosted with:

    2 cores

    My problem is when my server reaches around 20 + players the TPS drops dramatically. When the server reaches 30. Its down to 5-10 tps.

    Here's also a list of all my plugins:

    I have no errors spamming the console at all!

    I Don't know how to solve this And dont know whats causing it exactly.

    Any Help Appreciated. Thank!!
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    What CPU is it?
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    All the info about it is the link Takes provided.
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    Set plugin profiling to true in bukkit.yml and use the command /timings merged, then, after a while, stop the server and paste the created timings file's content to
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    Okay ill do that now

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    Anyone Help Me on this?
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    Sam991 ChestRestock seems to be hurting your TPS an awful lot. I suggest you tell the author about this.
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    Okay thanks for helping
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    Lolmewn that is a ridiculous statement.

    The timings show that on average it takes 2.2 milliseconds (an imperceptible amount of time) for ChestRestock to process a PlayerInteractEvent (Which would be a player opening a chest among other things.) However, because ChestRestock only cares about those events if they involve a chest it manages, it likely spends quite a bit more time on the chests it cares about and hardly any in other cases. If I had to guess, you have a chest with a loot table. Generating loot from a loot table is a non-trivial action. It will take some extra time but definitely way less than 1 second. Hell, if just ONE of those events was a ChestRestock chest being opened it would be ~100 ms or 1/10th of a second.

    What that means is that the only way ChestRestock could be slowing down the server would be when someone opens a ChestRestock chest. Unless that's happening all the time (and it isn't considering there were only 102 of these events) then it would not put a constant slow down on the server. ChestRestock could potentially cause tiny spurts of lag when someone opens a chest it manages and that's it. Furthermore, since the issue seems to be related to the number of players online there is no possible way a slight lag on PlayerInteractEvent is related.
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