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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by AyshineMatt, Mar 5, 2013.

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    Hey! I have a question for those server owners that have Factions on their server. What are some cool plugins or perks that you have on your server, for Donors, or any other rank higher than a regular player? I want to add more perks for my Donor rank in my Factions world, but completely clueless ._.
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    You could add cool nicknames, /fly, protected bases, more kits, pvp gear, I can give you a huge list if you want : p
    Also if you have Mcmmo, you can say, donate for 2k Swords skills, 2k unarmed, etc..
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    Hm well you could give extra power for donaters? Idk, never made a server lol.
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    Well, for factions you can boost peoples maximum power with the /f powerboost command. You could get more power depending on how much you donate!
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    I will warn you, making donors too powerful will make regular players feel unhappy that they can't play without the mean donors pounding on them. Just give donors something that makes life simpler for them, but not somethign that a normal player couldn't do without a bit more effort. (IE, a private warp to their base, donors can return to base faster, while normal players may have to walk, etcetc)
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    Never give donors anything that impacts game balance, especially in a player-versus-player situation. Most donors who will stick around on a server that uses a pay-to-win model are kids who are unlikely to serve as the basis of a stable community.

    Some examples of things that impact game balance, and as such should never be donor perks:
    • Warp or home locations in a world where teleportation is traditionally limited. A PvP world in which some players can avoid fighting with insta-travel is inherently unfair and will lead to all sorts of unbalances.
    • Extra stuff. A large part of the game is accumulating the gear that you'll need if you want to compete; if people can pay to accumulate stuff much faster, they're effectively paying to not play the game as much.
    • Access to power tiers that ordinary (non-donor players) will never be able to achieve legitimately.
    Instead, if you're going to have donor perks, make them cosmetic. Things like a colored nameplate, a visibly different rank in chat, or the ability to wear blocks as hats are all good choices because they're fun and visible ways for donors to advertise their "special" status but don't provide actual competitive advantages to donors in core server gameplay.

    Background: I've been running a server for a year and a half now. At one point we experimented briefly with giving donors access to MobDisguise within our survival world. Even the small, one-hit "sneak attack" advantage that MobDisguise gave to donors in PvP managed to dramatically unbalance the game and get a lot of players mad at us. Donor perks that give direct competitive advantages to players who pay spell death for any sort of stable community and ruin the experience of competition.
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    Exactly this. Listen to this guy.

    TL;DR - An unbalance in PvP due to donating = pay2win = imminent death of server.
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    Already of great ideas and yea pay2win never gets people
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    I don't want to name this 2 server names, but, their donation packages, are so OP, that's why they donate, most people don't care about players, they just want the money, people are pretty desperate now a days for money, so they put you can mob disguise, get sharp 5 fire 2 all those op stuff every 5 hours, /heal /fix all, etc. If you just want money from your server, you can add that, but I guarantee, your server will have all donators.
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    Right -- I don't question that giving out donor perks that are massively overpowered can be a quick way to make a buck. However, the people who are attracted to servers with overpowered perks are remarkably fickle. If you actually care about having a thriving server a few months or a year from now, I'd advise you to avoid gameplay-modifying perks because any payout you see will be short-term and fleeting.

    Kids who are spending inordinate amounts of their parents' money on enchanted diamond swords so that they can go pwn all t3h n00bs -- well, I wouldn't stake my community's long-term prospects on them, let's just leave it at that ;)
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    I gave my donors the ability to fly, problem came with flight during PvP. I had to find a way to limit it. Well, added another plugin and BAM. You fly and hit someone, you lose fly for awhile. You get hit, you lose fly. Problem solved. My donators get promoted to a rank right above the highest user rank. they maintain all a user gets plus access to a creative world (with separate inventories), flight, and a cool name tag. They also get first floor options for my mall I built. That way, you go into the mall, you see a VIP shop first.
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    First off always give donors cosmetics, it's wanted and doesn't cause harm to regular players aside from jealousy (ie: nicknames, colored chat abilities, setting warps.)

    Second if you wanna give them things like perks, fly is always a popular one in which I'd recommend using gomeow 's plugin FlyNoKill. Also things like kits is good as long as they aren't too overpowered and have a day long cooldown on them (ie: a kit with iron armor and a iron sword that can only be used once a day (this can be configured in essentials)).

    Third access to minigames such as special PvP arenas, MobArena, spleef, etc. There is also shops that you can make with discounts on items and blocks.
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