[Serious question] Bukkit problems?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Heavy_Jazz, Jul 2, 2011.

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    why does it take bukkit more than 24hrs to update their main page with any mention of a MC 1.7 release or any news of what bukkit is doing? just wondering...

    oh and also, why do you ban basically anyone and everyone who questions you or brings up a valid point which puts you down?
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    1st off, the bukkit.org webhoster has been having issues. so its hard to know when this will be updated.

    2nd where is there proof of some one being banned for stating a valid opinion? People are only banned on here for stealing plugins. Theres alot of numb nuts on these forum threads and basically the OP is block and sent to a hidden location.
  3. minecraft93: wrong on the second babe, you can get banned, it just doesn't show on your profile or anything.
    (So people won't know, unless they are friend with said person, which is how I found out about this, because he was banned and showed me screenshots)

    I have a general idea of what kind of thread he/she means, and participating members do seem to never post again after them.

    EDIT: Heavy: are you talking about the pistons world corruption error? that cost me a map, sadly, if not, disregard this.
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    Oh you sure can get banned here for expressing your opinion, and sometimes you even get accused of being someone else if you agree with something someone posts.

    And yeah, I think he means the world corruption error. That one was a bit annoying. Good thing someone had already found out about it and told me before I tried to play with pistons. Also glad the server i'm on didn't update right away.
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    Specifically, i mean that poor attitude and lack of patience and professionalism displayed by the primary head of bukkit, EvilSpeh, with kicking peoplel out of IRC who literally only asked "why wasnt the public infomrmed of the map crash bug"
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    TnT Retired Staff

    I'm pretty sure this answers your question. At least, I hope it helps to understand the team better.

    As far as IRC chat bans or forum bans, I have yet to see one that is as cut and dry as you state with:
    Of course, the team is human and sometimes mistakes are made. The team is also very open to discussing these concerns, so if you feel one team member has been unfair, other team members would be willing to hear your plea.
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