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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by savagesun, Aug 28, 2012.

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    My planned plugin will require(for ease of use for the user) a separate app to generate custom files for the plugin to read. I was planning on using c# for writing the app, however as this a separate file and not written in Java, I would like to know if any kind of link or file such as this could be uploaded and provided for the user in any way.
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    No. We don't allow things we can't decompile and read. Just generate configs from your plugins like a normal person D:

    Ease of use != making people use an external app to make a plugin work
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    Blah. Thanks
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    Also consider that a lot of Bukkit servers are not running on Windows. Messing about with .NET / Mono on a headless Linux server is not a good time had by all. Best to stick with no-gui java.​
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    Well, it seems that my idea was misconstrued by both of you so just to clarify: the app does not run along side the plugin, the extra app is used to create more specific files that are loaded by the plugin. The amount of files and directories can vary, so generating them is not an option. The only way to add the files without an app would be to type them yourself, using my format. Which means less ease of setup and use.
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    I didn't assume it ran along with the plugin, I assumed that it did exactly what you're saying. I honestly think that's a bit silly, and that if you have good configuration setups the user should never need to run something else to "customize" them. "Not an option" just seems like a poor way to look at the situation.
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    I just don't see why I should need to choose the less desirable option when a perfectly good one is sitting in front of me. I think users would benefit from an extra optional app that would speed up the editing process, and I'm here to provide the most I can for the users. Is there no way to post some kind of information about an extra app, should they desire it?
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    Nope. We don't allow links to downloads from external sites, for obvious reasons, and we won't approve things that are not client or server mods, much less in a language other than Java. "Less desirable" may describe your end, but possibly not the user's. I don't think you would want to make your users download and run some external configuration system just to make their plugin work. Sometimes you have to do 10x more work on the coding end in order to make things simpler on the user, that's just how life is (and it's worth it).
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    Well, not using the app only makes my job easier, not harder. I'm not shy of work, if you're wondering. I suppose i'll just use commands to remove and add files, if will allow it. Thanks h31ix.

    EDIT: and for the record, the app is not required. I'm not forcing the user to do anything extra. Less desirable describes the users end. Not mine.
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    I also didn't misconstrue your intent. If you want to implement a Windows only utility that helps people configure your plugin and distribute it off-site, then by all means do - others have. But they've also used java for the desktop GUI part. Using C# limits you to a specific set of users.

    Consider the following they'd have to have to use it...
    Windows, the right .net runtime, the right Windows for that, and any other dependencies you've chosen. Trying to get a simple .net app running across just a few variants of Windows is a pain in the butt.

    Instead if you wrote your utility in Java, then almost anyone can use it. Up to you of course. :)

    You have me intrigued as to what your plugin will do considering this complicated config you're speaking of. :D
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    On windows it is - at least in my experience - just the other way around. Getting Java Apps to run is often harder than getting a .Net app to run because so many applications take over the .jar files for themselves (i.e. Winrar) and sometimes you need JAVA_HOME set (which the java setup does not do), sometimes you don't, ... ;)

    About the topic: I am thinking about building a configuration editor for MinecartManiaReborn. Is there any way I could distribute it via bukkit dev or link to a download somewhere? It is not necessary and people hosting on linux will usually not need it but people hosting on windows are often less experienced and might really benefit from an editor for the configuration.
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    I went this route as I was fed up with 5-10 PMs and tickets every day with malformed configs. YAML is a horrible choice for anything more complicated than a simple key:value list, and I would be very surprised to see 10 admins who were familiar with it before hosting a Minecraft server.

    Instead of a Windows .Net app I wrote a Silverlight one and put it up on some free hosting (and also in a page with DropBox).

    Silverlight runs on Windows and Macs, which gives it about 99% coverage.

    The advantages of doing this were that I could control the input the plugin received by the plugin. Consequently the malformed configs dropped to zero \o/ I was also able to build help into the app itself. On top of this I used the app to do some of the calculations that would normally done when the plugin loads, and store the values in the config.

    The disadvantages were that I made the app a bit too technical for most users, and the learning curve was very high. It also slowed down updates for the plugin as they needed to be synchronized. I also had a few 'I refuse to use anything from Microsoft' fanbois, who I happily ignored.

    From my point of view the app was a great success, but the reception from users was mixed. I eventually gave in and am now making the config much easier to understand, by flattening it and using XML instead.
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    I already use XML but it is still pretty complicated ;)
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