Filled Separate Currency In All Worlds

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    Raw Discovery

    Plugin category: Currency?

    Suggested name: MultiWorldCurrency

    What I want: I would love for someone to make a plugin that allows money to be separate in different worlds. and please do not comment on this saying "ITS IN MULTIVERSE INEVENTORIES" as i use multi inv. i would love for it not to have commands like /mwc and them be like essentials. and have it compatible with multiinv, and essentials.


    Ideas for commands: I NEED THE COMMANDS THE EXACT SAME AS ESSENTIALS! so like /pay {name}, /bal, /bal {name}, if its going to effect commands i just need it to allow currency to be different in all worlds. and maybe a command for admins to check bals in different worlds :)

    Ideas for permissions:, wmc.bal (if this command is needed), wmc.admin, ETC

    When I'd like it by: Maybe 1-2 Weeks Is A Coal (get it xD) :)
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    Raw Discovery

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